About me

I have been told that, as an actor, while not a specific 'type', I'm like a blank canvas that can be transformed into any character or style.

I'm trained in the Stanislavski Method to completely become the character vocally,physically and mentally,which makes me extremely versatile.

Life model for art classes,photographic shoots body-painting etc.


6 years dance training IDTA tap(and some modern/contemporary)

Regular Pub Quiz Host for "WeeklyQuiz Company"

Regular actor for 'Unreal City Audio' site specific guided tours:

"Coffee House"

"Chocolate House"

"Samuel Johnson"

"Rise Of The Media"

Additional Information

BIG BROTHER BLITZKRIEG (King's Head Theatre, Islington)

"Neil Summerville played Felix, a gay man, who waltzed around the house in tiny pink hot pants. Although playing a heightened camp character he was believable in his role finding depth in what could easily have been played as very trivial."

Lydia Lakemoore (ayoungertheatre)

"Stephen Chance plays Hitler…the first housemate the disoriented dictator encounters is Neil Summerville’s chubby, ebullient and ultra camp Felix…while Big Brother Blitzkrieg does reflect the insidious way in which attitudes can be altered, its object is laughter and Chance and Summerville know how to keep it coming."

Howard Loxton (British Theatre Guide)

COSI(White Bear Theatre,Kennington)

"Mark Little gives a stunning performance as Roy...But it is Neil Summerville, in a beautifully restrained, nuanced and emotionally honest performance as Ruth, who quietly steals the show."


"Ruth (Neil Summerville) is hard to take your eyes off as the post-op transsexual who suffers from severe OCD and has the audience in stitches with a slight twitch of her lip."


"...solid supporting performance from Neil Summerville as obsessive compulsive, abused Ruth..."


REMODELLED LIVES(Greenwich Playhouse)

"Neil Summerville seems to be every inch a doctor, from his glib, optimistic bedside manner, to his boyish impatience at being interrupted during a much needed lunch break."


"Even though in the play there is not much physical presence of the doctor, Summerville makes sure that we come away with the impression of a good hearted man."


SUBTRANSMISSION(Courtyard Theatre,Hoxton)

"Timid closet queen Jordan...orders a good-time fairy godmother from the Internet.

Cue the screaming entrance of Tran...played by Neil Summerville, undoubtedly the night's star turn...

Looking like a crash-diet Divine running AWOL from John Waters...all Dietrich pout and Rocky Horror mince..."

QX Magazine


"Neil Summerville's dual roles as Margaret's beneficent patron Cobbold in act one and the cruel Captain MacAllister in act two, are absorbing to watch."

British Theatre Guide

"Neil Summerville has chilling presence as the despicable Captain MacAllister."

East Anglian Times

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Additional Skills

British Fights Technique,


experienced workshopper,