Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2018 Dead Quiet Russell Flanaghan "The Shabby Man" Immercity
2018 The Brink (Currently in production) The Overseer Hundy Gilbert Media
2018 In Case Of Incasity (Currently in production) Johnny 'Badman' Brackton Fabuhouse Media
2018 TRUMP (Currently in production) Neil LaPlage MP Bethnal Films
2017 "Sally's Next Steps" (L & Q PricedIn) Sleazy Landlord ShootMedia
2016 We Are All Together Feral Man London College Of Communication
2016 Kingsman: The Golden Circle Senior Representative #2 Marv Films
2016 Big Brother Blitzkrieg Felix Bitter Pill Theatre
2016 Casanova's Conquest- A Pasticcio Opera Casanova (Narrator) Baroque Unwrapped
2016 Love Lies Marty/He LEMAD Theatre
2016 The Undertakers Paul Jefferies Bournemouth University
2016 Hitler: The Rise And Fall Ambassador Arrow Media/More4
2016 Big Brother Blitzkrieg Felix Bitter Pill Theatre
2016 Aladdin Widow Twankey Colour House Theatre
2015 Zibra / Wasted Days Bowler/Dancer Asylum Films
2015 Bloody Cakes Harvey DeLacroix REC
2015 Upstage-Season 2 (Web Series) Guru Met Film School
2015 JUMP The Lonely Man (George) Kerzam
2015 Under The Shadow Of Your Wings Canon Ingram Hill The Hive, Croydon
2015 Evil's Evil Cousin Hector Asylum Films
2015 EllaOne Morning After Pill Voice over artist Partizan
2015 Sauna The Dead Bench Guy Deer Hill Pictures (BFI Flare LGBT Festival)
2015 Catnip Steve (Policeman) University Of Westminster Film School
2015 Young Guns / Daylight Business Man Kode Media Ltd
2015 Bristles Harry, the rower Danielle Arden Pictures Ltd
2015 Dead Shepherd Ned Alleyne & Robert Poley White Bear Theatre
2015 The Coventry Pioneers William Hillman Spiral Productions
2015 MTV Promo for 'Unfinished Business' Business Man Recipe Ltd
2015 Restaurant Owner Crossfire Productions
2014 Sinister Ministers:Collared Monsignor Kevin Wallin Firecracker Films/Discovery
2014 Tom's Midnight Garden, Cinderella, The Hobbit, Treasure Island, Pinocchio, The Railway Children, Dick Whittington, Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Oliver Twist, The Wizard Of Oz Range of varied characters M and M Theatrical Productions
2010 Marina On Top (British Council Selection 2011, East End Film Festival 2011, London Short Film Festival 2011) David RollWithIt Prod. /Little Troll Productions
2010 By The Window Clarence OTT Films
2009 ...Exposed! Investigative Reporter Casual Films
2009 Latin! Or Tobacco And Boys Brookshaw Good Night Out Presents
2009 Romeo And Juliet Lord Capulet and Friar Laurence Shakespeare in Schools
2008 Life Classes Vic "The Squealer" Boogle Eyes Productions
2008 Cosi Ruth Good Night Out Presents
2008 Into The Woods/Oakhill Woods Tom Tony H
2008 The Tempest Prospero Shakespeare in Schools
2008 Much Ado About Nothing Benedick Shakespeare in Schools
2008 Subtransmission Tran Live And Vivid Productions
2007 The Bridge Brian Fatum Films
2007 The Sister Resurrection Vinnie Running Legend Films
2007 Tempest/Much Ado About Nothing Prospero/Benedick Shakespeare in Schools
2006 Remodelled Lives Dr Archibald McIndoe Jockney Productions
2006 Last Flight of Merlin Sergeant Saxonby/Jailer Rec Fest(Harrow Arts Council)
2006 Awkward Gary Norland Cein McGillicuddy
2006 Physical Comedy Viral for Windows Live Messenger Bottle Man Maverick Media
2006 Nearly History (IVF Reconstruction) Newspaper reporter Discovery Channel
2006 Macbeth Macbeth Shakespeare in Schools
2005 The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole 16+ roles(men,women and the pet dog!) Ono Theatre Company
2005 The Tragedy of Albert Gerard the Whiskeyman Unreal City Productions
2004 Margaret Down Under Captain MacCallister (plus Mr Cobbold & various others) Eastern Angles Theatre Company
2004 The Ministry of Pleasure Fanshawe,Sir John Warre,Mrs Tasker & other roles Pursued by a Bear
2003 Stiff Drink Sleazy Businessman Spirokeet Films
2003 Mzicar Father Ono Theatre Company
2003 The Fancy Man Dr Peach Two Colour Theatre
2002 Sub-Angel Barman Angle Productions
2002 Alice Through the Looking Glass Red Queen,White Knight,Humpty Dumpty,White King,Gnat St Albans Festival of Arts
2002 The Boys Next Door Norman Bulanski Two Colour Theatre
2002 Macbeth Banquo/Malcolm Shakespeare in Schools
2000 Bitter Fruit Thomas the Gardener Trestle Theatre Co.